A football trail through the hundred-year history of Biała Podlaska clubs in the years 1920 - 2020

A collection of photographs collected and edited by Cezary Hince (1976), from Białka, a local government employee, documentalist of the history of football in Biała Podlasie and from the Biała Podlaska poviat, member of the Board of MKS Podlasie Biała Podlaska (in 2017-2019), co-author of the exhibition "60 years ago a club was established sports in Podlasie" and the author of the books: Football AZS. History, matches and players from AZS AWF Biała Podlaska in 1974-1996 (2013); The football history of Podlasie. History, matches and footballers of Podlasie Biała Podlaska in 1957-2017 (2017); Old and small football clubs of Biała Podlaska in the years 1918–2018 (2018); Football AZS in the lens. The history of AZS AWF Biała Podlaska in the years 1974-1996 (2019).



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